• Sod Installation

  • We offer a complete system for both a seeded lawn as well as a sod lawn. The techniques are basically the same. However, when it comes to the quality of the sod, we use only Oregon or Canadian grown sod. There Is a Difference! Since Washington grown sod has a clay base and is much less expensive to grow, you will find that most contractors as well as landscapers use this sod due to the cost.

    When you first moved in to your new home your lawn was thick, lush and deep green right? Now you are wondering what happened to the lawn. Well due to heavy moisture in the winter months and drought type summers with water usage restrictions imposed the clay based sod is literally choking the root system. The clay based sod is fine in the winter so it seems but in the summer the clay dries out due to lack of moisture gets very hard just like a clay pot therefore when you attempt to water your lawn 90% of the moisture runs right into the street never reaching the root system to replenish itself.

    Canadian as well as Oregon grown sod is the only sod Your Garden Inc uses for our customers. Neither are grown in clay but a nice loamy soil balanced with a nice sand mixture assuring you that the sod will look not only just as good 5 years from now but will be just as healthy when properly maintained. The sods we mention are more expensive but in the long run are definitely worth it.