• Walkways & Paths

  • With walkways and paths we take the approach as being useful, natural and romantic at the same time.

    Walkways and paths should be designed with :

    Is it useful? Yes imagine trying to have to get the lawnmower out after a two day rain and walking through the mud just to try to get to the lawn, Sound familiar?

    Is it a natural look to compliment your home and property? There is nothing better looking and will stand the test of time than a hand built walkway with a natural Paleo stone or Flag stone walkway.

    Is it romantic? If you truly look at some of the finest gardens and walkways in the world you are taken back in time to some of the most romantic times in history. Most certainly you will find couples walking hand in hand down a cobblestone walkway with tier gardens on both sides genuinely in love and enjoying the landscape. Hand built walkways over cement pavers or slabs? (Absolutely.)